As a result of the pandemic, you may be experiencing any or all of the following: stress, exhaustion, frustration, depression, and anxiety.  We know an excess of these symptoms can impact our immune system, relationships, work, and the ability to enjoy life.  

Therapy can be a much needed anchor to reconnect with your inherent resiliency.  In addition, therapy can help you recognize spikes in anxiety and regulate anxiety.  Therapy can also help you experience your emotions in a healthy way so you no longer feel like a hostage to your emotions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I began to offer teletherapy. Currently, for new and existing clients, I prefer to meet in person, however we can use teletherapy as an option when necessary. A few years ago, I published an article in a peer-reviewed journal (Voices, 2018) which discussed the benefits of teletherapy.  

Research shows the effectiveness of teletherapy is high.  Some of the benefits of teletherapy are:

  • Continuity of treatment despite injury, quarantine, travel, and caretaking needs
  • No commute and no waiting room time
  • Comfort and safety of being in your own environment (if your home environment is not safe and private, then that would need to be addressed first and foremost)

Fortunately, many insurance companies are now reimbursing for teletherapy at the same rate as in person sessions.  To find out more about the teletherapy option, feel free to reach out to me.


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