Individual Therapy for Young Adults

Young adults go through numerous biological, social, and emotional transitions.  The choices they make during this crucial developmental period can radically effect the course of their lives.  Therapy with me is an opportunity for young adults to increase their self-esteem so they can make healthy relationships with themselves, family, friends, romantic partners, and others.  I also provide various techniques to help young adults use their innate intelligence to make productive decisions and feel healthy.

Individual Therapy for Adults

There are various challenges we face as adults: grief, anxiety, depression, and relationships and more.  My constant commitment to providing tailored treatment provides my adult clients with unique techniques geared to target each individual challenge.  I understand that your life, time, money, and energy is valuable.  Therefore, I work diligently to quickly reach your goals so you can experience relief from your symptoms and live your potential as soon as possible.

Couples Therapy

Since 2002, I have provided couples counseling to couples deciding if they should take the next step in commitment (ie: dating to becoming engaged) or couples deciding if they should end their relationship.  I also work with couples who are dealing with life transitions such as marriage, parenting, and caregiving.  Through couples counseling, you can learn how to make your relationship more satisfying, build more intimacy, show appreciation, repair emotional ruptures, and have fun.

Parenting Groups and Consultation for Prenatal and Postpartum

Parenting is extremely challenging.  One of the best ways to go through this demanding time is with support.  I co-lead a group for new parents to share and learn from each other under the guidance of a facilitator.  In addition, I provide individual consultations to help parents (regardless of what phase of parenting you are dealing with) discover the forces that hijack your mind and learn how to use your whole self to parent with your inherent love and knowledge.

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