Planning for the Future- A cure or a curse?

Many of us have tried Mindfulness practice to create feelings of happiness and peace.  But as soon as we close our eyes, our mind starts to plan, plan, and plan some more.  We go far away from the present moment- planning our next meal, our daily chores, our work to-do list, and more.

We are hardwired to plan for the future. Our ability to think ahead has helped us as human beings to create buildings, write novels, and travel to the moon.  However, our ever active minds keep us from being centered and present.  If we have experienced trauma in the past, then we are more likely to imagine traumatic events in the future- leading to states of anxiety and depression.

Thankfully, because of neuroplasticity (our brains ability to rewire), we can train our minds to plan positive events to cultivate feelings of happiness.  So go ahead and plan away- but steer yourself towards uplifting images and goals.

The following article is a well written post in the Opinion section of the NY Times expanding on this concept. Enjoy and peaceful thoughts. 

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