Turn Things Around Today

Usually our problems creep up gradually.  We don’t even notice the full capacity of the problem until we are over head in the muck- at which point it seems easier to burry our head than to face reality.

This can happen with our health by realizing no clothes fit or we can barely climb up a few flight of stairs.  With addictions, by realizing that the substance (alcohol, drugs, sex, spending) has taken us hostage.  With relationships, realizing that we haven’t spoken in an honest emotional intimate manner in a long while or realizing that we haven’t given our children undivided loving attention.  With eating disorders, by seeing the toll on our physical health.  There are a number of scenarios where we can find ourselves buried.

The first step is to face reality.  The goal is not to attain peace but rather to have the courage to face the truth.  Only then can we begin to use our eyes to climb out of the muck.  Once we have our head clear and we can see the problem, the second step is to set our priorities and acknowledge our will.  Our will to love ourselves again.  With our will on board, we will find the inner strength to climb out of the muck.

The third step is to set up a game plan, which may include seeking out help.  This help can come from a professional such as a psychotherapist.  Today can be the day to pull yourself up and live your potential.  Why wait?

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